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hygiene standard.

The first autonomous bed bug prevention system keeping your rooms clean and reassuring guests from all over the world.

Our story

We believe the nastiest problems require the most elegant solutions. Bed bugs are one of those: they cause public health concerns and leave both travellers and hospitality providers distressed. Our mission is to make travel safe from bed bugs.

The most current insurance for your hospitality business.

Fully automated, around the clock.

1. Control bed bugs 24/7

Know room status always

Verify suspicions with real-time data

Detect signs of infestation even weeks before manual and canine methods

Save cost of manual monitoring, lost room revenue and pest control extermination

2. Safeguard your reputation

Protect guest sleep

Prevent bed bug infestations at premises

Avoid reputation damage

3. Create new customer value

Reassure a growing number of aware travellers

Adhere to the highest hygiene standard

Differentiate from the rest and be one step ahead

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The most advanced protection against bed bugs hunting for a host.

Bed bugs spread with travelers and their luggage. They gather around sleeping humans attracted by the exhaled CO2. Totem's beautiful interceptor catch them on their way.

1. Totem Legs have the standard 8mm thread attachment and are compatible with bed frames or box-springs that have detachable bed legs.Totem Legs comes as a full set of bed legs. Installation is easy: just screw in the bed legs and you are ready.

2. Totem Legs attract, trap and detect bed bugs before they cause any harm.The surface of the bed leg attracts bed bugs and enables them to climb and fall inside the leg. Inside, they remain trapped and sensors detect them. Totem Legs act as an interceptor between bed bugs and sleeping guests.

3. After an interception, Totem Legs send a notification to the Totem App with instructions to solve the problem.Totem App gathers all data and notifications, and offers a step-by-step path to problem solving. Easy and effortless pest control.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your interior.

Besides providing the most efficient system for bed bug prevention, Totem is the most elegant and unobtrusive means to control for the risk they pose.

With advanced bed bug control technology integrated fully into a robust bed leg, Totem fits in seamlessly into your distinct interior.

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